Numbers, Cake, and Past Selves

After a sleepless nine-hour flight, I finally set foot in Incheon. Arrival card and passport in hand, I was ready to figure everything out by myself. The only other thing on my mind was trying to impress the airport worker – the person that was supposed to accompany me – by greeting

I am bored

I started writing this post because I wanted to do something, but I didn't know exactly what. This has kind of been the theme of these past two months for me, and probably many other people. I used to crave liberation from stress and tasks. Before I graduated, I had

Random thoughts #1

Confidence. Everybody says it's a choice. They make it seem easy: just do it. You're supposed to wake up one day and start being confident, or maybe someone tells you to do it right this moment. As a society we also often idolize people for simply having confidence. It’s

A collection of some of my favorite Romanian paintings

I adapted them to a 5" by 7" format at 300 ppi. Don't they make great postcards? Maria Rosetti by Constantin Daniel RosenthalUniting of the Principalities by Theodor AmanA portrait of a young girl by Nicolae TonitzaPeasant Woman from Muscel by Nicolae GrigorescuRevolutionary Romania by Constantin Daniel RosenthalComposition with Peasant