A collection of some of my favorite Romanian paintings

I adapted them to a 5" by 7" format at 300 ppi. Don't they make great postcards?

Maria Rosetti by Constantin Daniel Rosenthal
Uniting of the Principalities by Theodor Aman
A portrait of a young girl by Nicolae Tonitza
Peasant Woman from Muscel by Nicolae Grigorescu
Revolutionary Romania by Constantin Daniel Rosenthal
Composition with Peasant Motifs by Ion Theodorescu-Sion
Round-dance at Aninoasa by Theodor Aman
Florărese by Nicolae Vermont
Peasant Women in Church by Camil Ressu
Țărancă cu doiniță și copil by Nicolae Grigorescu
Scrisoare de pe front by Nicolae Vermont
Vlad the Impaler and the Turkish Envoys by Theodor Aman

These were just a few of the amazing paintings I found. However, many other pieces by these artists and others are lurking in the depths of Romanian Pinterest. I think my next hobby will be collecting and printing them to have my very own minimalist art gallery. 🥂

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