Random thoughts #1

Random thoughts #1


Everybody says it's a choice. They make it seem easy: just do it. You're supposed to wake up one day and start being confident, or maybe someone tells you to do it right this moment.

As a society we also often idolize people for simply having confidence. It’s the go-to trait for people that fake it till they make it. It is so strong that it has practically become the synonym to success. It doesn’t matter what you actually bring to the table, as long as you’re confident, you won’t fail!

It seems like our world does often work this way: whether it’s selling a product through enough advertisement, assigning value to objects through some misconceived ideas of inherent worth, or even panicking simply for the sake of it.

Wrapping your head around this can be both liberating and off-putting. On one hand, we are all human and using the weakness in our inability to always be rational can lead to incredible consequences, from the extermination of millions of people to the accumulation of considerable fortune. On the other hand, the superficiality of it all can make your actions seem futile. Why can’t people detect lies? Why do they like to idolize certain concepts/people/behaviors? Why is being confident more important than objective worth?

What I have to do is accept that this is the way people think and use it to my advantage. If confidence really is a choice, then what is stopping me? Maybe it’s the fact that I know it takes hard work to create value. But then again, letting others underestimate what I am and what I do because of uncertainty and insecurities is not rational either. It is an obvious incorrect choice.

So I’ll exercise restraint in doubting myself and hesitating, and choose to be confident instead. Would a confident person have written this? I don’t care!

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